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David Lerner Associates: New Card Chip Technology Questions

David Lerner Associates: New Card Chip Technology Questions

10/05/2015 - This month the U.S. is instituting the new EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) chip technology in credit and debit cards to help stem the tide of fraud and identity theft that results from hacking and security breaches.

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David Lerner Associates: Money, Stress and Financial PlanningDavid Lerner Associates: Money, Stress and Financial Planning

10/02/2015 - October is Financial Planning Month. Even though the economy is recovering, money is still the number one source of stress affecting the health and lifestyles of most Americans.

Women Entrepreneurs Leading the WayWomen Entrepreneurs Leading the Way

09/30/2015 - Gone are the days when the typical American woman was a stay-at-home mom. Today they're making waves -- and money -- in the business world

Comprehensive Financial Planners are Better OffComprehensive Financial Planners are Better Off

09/28/2015 - October is Financial Planning month. Why should we pay attention to financial planning? A report by Princeton Survey Research Associates International reveals that there is a direct correlation between affluence and financial planning.

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The American Retirement CrisisThe American Retirement Crisis

08/31/2015 - The growth in the older age group has changed the face of the U.S. workforce. The share of workers age 55 and over hit 22.2 percent in July 2014, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s the highest since record-keeping began in 1948

The Retirement Income Gender GapThe Retirement Income Gender Gap

08/04/2015 - One of the most important factors is retirement planning is to figure out your retirement income needs. There are many reasons why women are more likely than men to face a retirement income shortfall.

Moving from Work to RetirementMoving from Work to Retirement

07/21/2015 - As you near retirement age there are a lot of decisions to be made. The most important one is whether you can afford to retire, and if so, at what age?

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Women's Financial Literacy

The Difference Between Growth Investing and Value Investing The Difference Between Growth Investing and Value Investing

03/30/2015 - When you invest for growth, you are usually seeking capital appreciation over the long term A value investor looks for bargains, and chooses investments that have low prices in relation to such factors as earnings, sales, net current assets, and the book value of the issuing companies.

Comprehending Investment Terms and ConceptsComprehending Investment Terms and Concepts

03/15/2015 - There are some fundamental principles you should understand when evaluating an investment opportunity or making an investment decision. The most important principle is simply good common sense.

How to Create a Family EndowmentHow to Create a Family Endowment

02/25/2015 - A family endowment is something that may benefit everyone in a family - including you. The goals of an endowment are simple. Accumulate enough assets to allow you to live comfortably off the income during retirement and to maintain and preserve the principle for your loved ones and future generations.

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