How to Treat Employees Right

How to Treat Employees Right

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david lerner associates best place to workDavid Lerner Associates was recently found near the top of a list of best places to work in New York State, based on surveys of company employees, workplace practices, and other pertinent information. What makes for a great employee experience, and how does David Lerner Associates continue to make their employees happy?

“The work that we do here is important, and we highly value our employees ,” said David Lerner, "They are not just a commodity for us—they are people. They are very definitely like family.”

This family atmosphere leads to a high company spirit. There is a great sense of camaraderie at David Lerner Associates. When the work a company does is considered meaningful by both management and employees, there is a consistent sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Compensation is only part of employee recognition and appreciation. In addition to fair compensation, a bonus program, and a comprehensive benefit package, employee appreciation is also expressed in numerous “everyday” ways. The workplace is meticulously maintained. Coffee is supplied, bagels are served every Friday morning, and you never know when the company will host a “surprise” lunch or bring in Italian ices on a scorching hot day. The company celebrates the holidays such as Halloween, which includes a costume contest, and other holidays are celebrated in the office as well. David Lerner Associates even has gym facilities in several of its buildings, and employees are encouraged to use them. If people are healthy, they'll feel better and perform better on the job.

The working environment created at David Lerner Associates is often reflected in the attitudes of the employees themselves. Many employees have worked there for more than 10 years, fostering the family culture. Every year at Christmas, employees take up a collection for a family in need—and one year it was for another employee who had a child with a serious illness. At any time of year, should an employee come into difficult times, it’s not unusual for other employees to help out.

At David Lerner Associates, treating employees fairly and with respect creates a culture of trust between management and employees and among the employees themselves. It is the type of working environment that not only keeps employees happy, but fosters loyalty as well.


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At David Lerner Associates we believe in the sensible middle ground of investing. We do not run with the herd. We pursue these fundamental investment principles regardless of market conditions. We offer many investment opportunities, some designed to provide income.

Founded in 1976, David Lerner Associates is a privately-held investment company with headquarters in Syosset, New York and branch offices in Westport, CT; Boca Raton, FL; Teaneck and Princeton, NJ; and White Plains, NY. For more information contact David Lerner Associates 1 877 367 5960

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