Response to FINRA Ruling on Muni/CMO Pricing Matter

Response to FINRA Ruling on Muni/CMO Pricing Matter

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Statement from David Lerner Associates, Inc.:

On 4/4/12, David Lerner Associates received the opinion of the FINRA hearing panel on the municipal bond and CMO pricing matter. The panel essentially adopted FINRA's position and awarded fines, restitution, and other amounts as well as a six-month work suspension of William Mason.

FINRA did not question that the bonds involved were all high quality, investment grade securities, nor did it challenge the other 95% of the transactions which occurred during the same period. Regarding the approximately 5% of transactions at issue, the last time FINRA made similar allegations against David Lerner Associates, the firm defeated those allegations before a hearing panel. David Lerner Associates believes that the current Hearing Panel’s ruling is simply wrong, completely ignores the relevant facts and fails to follow the law.

David Lerner Associates and Mr. Mason will appeal this decision; look forward to vindication at a fair and impartial hearing; and intend to continue an unbroken tradition throughout its 36 year history of providing its clients with excellent, personal and professional service at fair and reasonable prices.

The Hearing Panel Decision reflects FINRA’s attempt to unfairly seize funds from a broker-dealer by making allegations which are simply not based on facts, recognized industry standards or current law.


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