David Lerner Associates : Tips to Protect Against ATM Skimming Scam

David Lerner Associates : Tips to Protect Against ATM Skimming Scam

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Using Automated Teller Machines has become commonplace among Americans today. But many people aren’t aware of an ATM scam that could end up costing them big-time.

The scam is known as ATM skimming — here’s how it works: Thieves install a device called an ATM skimmer on top of the card reader on a legitimate ATM, which records the information on debit and credit cards’ magnetic stripes. They also install a tiny pinhole camera somewhere on the ATM — for example, on a disguised pamphlet holder — which records PINs as they are entered by unsuspecting victims.

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ATM Skimming Scam Tips

Tips from David Lerner Associates to help protect you against the new ATM skimming scam


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