David Lerner Associates: Your Financial Mindset and Stress

David Lerner Associates: Your Financial Mindset and Stress

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According to the American Institute of Stress, over 70% of people experience physical or psychological symptoms caused by stress. The cost of daily living -- bills, kids, jobs -- this is the stress we tend to ignore or push down. Left uncontrolled this stress affects your health, your body and your immune system, not to mention your ability to perform on the job, and thus your bottom line. 

So, it would be a logical assumption to say that dealing with stressful elements in one’s life would be a good thing. But how does one do that?

Understanding stress is key to addressing it. One could argue that stress comes from not living in alignment with your values, and the key to reducing financial stress is to take a look at your financial mindset and strategies, and comparing with your values. 

Values, as in, “How important is saving to me?” or “I’d like to send the kids to college and still be able to afford a comfortable retirement.” 

In that case, a high earning job would help, as well as aligning your goals with your financial strategies, and creating a financial plan to achieve those goals. 

In order to do that it, would be a really good idea to become as financially literate as possible so that you have the knowledge and understanding to back up a smart financial plan, rather than being told what to do by an “authority” on the subject. 

One could also argue that stress is heavily influenced by the number of incomplete actions one has on their plate. For example, if you have to take a business call, pay a pending bill, your boss is wanting to see you at the same time, while the school is calling to let you know that the kids have to be picked up early today, and you have to cancel a business dinner for the evening as a result, plus your babysitter cancelled last minute… this all adds up to a stressful picture. 

The trick is instead of hiding under your desk and crawling into a hole, you take it all on - one thing at a time. Just pick ONE thing to address and then another and so on until the stress and confusion are gone. 

Similarly in finance - there’s a lot to take in. So, start at the beginning and go from there, taking one step at a time until before you know it, you’re sitting comfortably in retirement, your kid’s college is paid for, and you have a healthy retirement fund you can count on. 


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