2017 Women's Financial Literacy Guide

2017 Women's Financial Literacy Guide

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womens financial literacy guide 2017There has been a lot of discussion around women’s rights this year. One issue that hasn’t received much attention is financial literacy and a woman’s ability to make her own financial decisions. While the other issues are important, this one could be the most important of all.  The ability to make wise financial decisions affects everything else you do for the duration of your lifetime.

Almost half (46.8%) of the U.S. labor force is women. Fewer companies offer a guaranteed pension and even Social Security may not be as secure as we once believed it to be. And, as a woman, you‘re likely to be single at one time or another due to divorce or the death of a spouse.  So understanding financial basics and learning to manage your finances is essential.  Yet only 22.8% of US women can answer the quesitons on the naiotnal Capability  quiz correctly.

Download the 2017 Women's financical Literacy guide to see the questions, take the quiz and learn about the basic financial concepts the quiz covers.




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2017 Women's Financial Literacy

2017 Women

The FINRA National Financial Capability Study tests financial literacy based on three concepts fundamental to how you make financial decisions.


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