David Lerner Associates: Five Things You Should Share With Your Investment Advisor
The more information you share with your investment advisor about your personal financial situation, the more equipped your advisor will be to help you meet your financial and investment goals.

Financial Planning Helps You See the Bigger Picture
No matter what the goal is - owning a new home, traveling to exotic locations, driving a nice car, starting a business or retiring comfortably - there is always a price tag attached.That's why financial planning is so important.

David Lerner Associates: The Pros and Cons of Robo-Advisors
A robo-advisor, or automated investment service, is an online wealth management service that provides automated, algorithm-based portfolio management advice without the use of human investment advisors. Sounds impressive, but what are the benefits versus the drawbacks?

Retirement Planning and Financial Professionals
When planning for retirement, making sure the information you have is accurate is very important. How do you know that the person you're trusting with your future has the right information?

The Basics of Financial Wellness
We all want more stable finances. We all want what is now being referred to as Financial Wellness.

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