David Lerner Associates: How to Spot Counterfeit Bills
Counterfeiting is becoming a growing problem in the U.S. as advances in printing and computer technology have made it easier for thieves to produce fake money that at a glance look very real. The federal government has undertaken efforts to help educate citizens about how they can tell the difference between real and counterfeit bills.

David Lerner Associates: Watch Out for These Utility Scams
It seems that there's no shortage of different kinds of scams thieves have come up with to try to bilk honest individuals out of their money. Two recent schemes revolve around the payment of utility bills.

Utility Bills Scam Alert from David Lerner Associates
Two recent scams revolve around the payment of utility bills - one offers a Federal support payment and the other presents the bill as overdue and demands immediate payment..

David Lerner Associates: Monopoly and Financial Literacy
Playing Monopoly on game night has been a part of almost every American household for decades. One of the benefits of playing the board game was the financial literacy learning that took place. Now the game is being updated to reflect the current financial landscape - all transactions will be done via debit or credit card.

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