David Lerner Associates: What Is "Operation Twist"?
Over the years the investing world has come up with some unique and creative names to describe various investment and economic scenarios. Operation Twist refers to a current Federal Reserve monetary policy in which the Fed purchases long-term bonds and sells short-term bonds in an effort to bring down long-term interest rates and stimulate economic growth.

David Lerner Associates News: Are Municipal Bonds a Smart Investment in 2014?
Municipal bonds have long been popular investments among some individuals due to their tax-free status and income-generating properties. Earnings from muni bonds are generally exempt from federal income tax, as well as state and local income tax for residents in the state in which they live.

David Lerner Associates: Making Sense of Bond Yields and the Yield Curve
When it comes to investing in bonds, among the first factors to consider is yield, but what exactly is "yield?" The answer depends on how the term is being used.

David Lerner Associates: Comprehending Investment Terms and Concepts
When you decide to start investing it's always wise to understand what you're investing in. The better you comprehend the information you receive, the more comfortable you will be with the course you've chosen.

David Lerner Associates: Mutual Fund Fundamentals
We often hear that an investment portfolio should include a mutual fund. But what exactly is a mutual fund?

David Lerner Associates: Mutual Fund Basics
There are many mutual funds to choose from. The two most common types are stock mutual funds and bond mutual funds. Find out more in this article on Mutual Fund Basics.

Social Security and Your Portfolio
You may be counting on Social Security for your retirement years, but if you're not counting Social Security as a part of your overall asset allocation, you may be missing out on bigger gains in your retirement savings portfolio.

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