David Lerner Associates: The Trap of the Lawsuit Frenzy
We live in a very litigious society. Every day the courts are choked up with a plethora of suits filed against individuals, companies, and even the government.

David Lerner Associates: Why You Could Be on the Hook for Your Parent's Long-Term Care
Call it the new baby boomer challenge, but adult children may very well find themselves legally responsible for the costs of their aging parent’s long-term care.

David Lerner Associates Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed
David Lerner Associates, Inc. a privately-held securities broker/dealer based in Syosset, NY, announced today the complete dismissal of the class action lawsuit In re Apple REITs Litigation 11-cv-02919 (E.D.N.Y). The court dismissed all federal securities law claims as well as the state law claims against David Lerner Associates. Inc.

David Lerner Associates: Taking Care of Your Aging Parents (Part 3)
The last article in our 3 part series, focuses on the financial aspects of caring for aging parents.

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