David Lerner Associates: Four Common Investing Mistakes to Avoid
As you formulate your investing strategies for the year, it might be helpful to think about some investing moves that you probably shouldn't make.

David Lerner Associates: Financial Mistakes Young People Should Avoid
In a recent article, we offered some financial tips for new college graduates as they head out into the “real world” to find jobs and support themselves, often for the first time in their lives. In this article, we take a look at the flip side — below are five financial mistakes that young people should try to avoid.

David Lerner Associates: Review of Common Money MIstakes
Most people try to avoid making major mistakes when it comes to managing their money. Even the most savvy money managers aren't immune from making a few blunders.In this review we examine five common personal financial and money management mistakes.

David Lerner Associates: Review Common Retirement Planning Mistakes
And about half of Americans say they are actively saving for retirement, with about one-third saying they haven't saved any money yet for their future retirement.

David Lerner Associates: Deadly Investment Mistakes
Making investment mistakes can be very costly for obvious reasons, and so they should be avoided if possible. Workers and retirees have been shouldered with an increased burden of taking personal responsibility for their own retirement and savings. Here are some "deadly investment sins" that should be avoided.

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