David Lerner Associates: A Different Way to Look at Life Insurance
Life insurance is very different from other types of insurance. The differences are important to take into consideration as you assess your overall insurance coverage needs.

David Lerner Associates: A Primer - Understanding Different Types of Life Insurance
Life insurance is different from most other types of insurance like health, car and homeowners insurance in at least one key respect: It covers against an event that is certain to occur at some point in time - the policyholder's death.

David Lerner Associates: Life Insurance for Small Business Owners
Nothing in this life is certain except death and taxes. When a small business owner passes away, it can be the center of turmoil and instability. It raises many issues, including personal loss, but it also raises pragmatic questions involving the replacement of a key asset and leadership going forward.

Is Life Insurance Necessary?
Life insurance is very different from other kinds of insurance. The differences are important to consider as you think over your insurance needs.

The Importance of Life Insurance
Benjamin Franklin wrote in a 1789 letter that in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. The great unknown is exactly that, unknown, and none of us knows exactly when we're going to leave this world.

A Guide to Life Insurance
Death can be considered a morbid subject to discuss. But making an important decision regarding your life insurance - and which type of life insurance - might turn out to be one of the most important discussions of all.

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