David Lerner Associates: Choosing Which Financial Records to Keep
It is important to always keep critical documents and records safe and secure but accessible in a time of need. Particular documents and records are too vital to retain in an ordinary file drawer.

Small Business Week: Life Insurance Needs
Your life insurance needs will depend upon a variety of factors, including whether you own a small business, the size of your family, the nature of your financial obligations, your career stage and your goals.

David Lerner Associates: A Primer - Understanding Different Types of Life Insurance
Life insurance is different from most other types of insurance like health, car and homeowners insurance in at least one key respect: It covers against an event that is certain to occur at some point in time - the policyholder's death.

Basics of Life Insurance
Death is not the most pleasant of subjects to discuss. But deciding on how much life insurance - and which type of life insurance - to put in place might turn out to be the most important talk of all.

Small Business Life Insurance
When a small business owner passes away it can be the center of turmoil and instability.

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