2013: David Lerner Associates Offers Smart Financial Steps for the New Year
2013 has just begun. Many Americans dutifully made their New Year's Resolutions in January, but many have already broken or forgotten about them before the calendar turns to February.

David Lerner Associates: Review the Safety of your Pension Plan
In the wake of Detroit's bankruptcy filing some public and private sector workers and retirees in other cities are reviewing the security of their pensions.

David Lerner Associates: Review Your Financial Resolutions for the New Year
Review what might be on your list of financial resolutions this year. And instead of calling them New Year;s resolutions, regard them as smart financial steps that you can take to help get and keep your finances on track this year.

David Lerner Associates: Review of Common Money MIstakes
Most people try to avoid making major mistakes when it comes to managing their money. Even the most savvy money managers aren't immune from making a few blunders.In this review we examine five common personal financial and money management mistakes.

David Lerner Associates: Review Common Retirement Planning Mistakes
And about half of Americans say they are actively saving for retirement, with about one-third saying they haven't saved any money yet for their future retirement.

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