David Lerner Named Honorary Chief by Firefighter's Museum
David Lerner, founder of David Lerner Associates, was recently named an Honorary Chief by the Francis X. Pendl Nassau County Firefighter's Museum and Education Center.

David Lerner Associates Class Action Lawsuit Dismissed
David Lerner Associates, Inc. a privately-held securities broker/dealer based in Syosset, NY, announced today the complete dismissal of the class action lawsuit In re Apple REITs Litigation 11-cv-02919 (E.D.N.Y). The court dismissed all federal securities law claims as well as the state law claims against David Lerner Associates. Inc.

David Lerner Associates: Financial Capability Study Sends Mixed Messages
A recently released major financial study revealed some good news and some bad news with regard to how Americans handle their finances.

David Lerner Associates News: 2014 Social Security COLA Is.1.5 Percent
In October the SSA announced that the Social Security Cost-of-Living (COLA) in 2014 will be 1.5 percent, down slightly from the 1.7 percent increase in 2013.

David Lerner Associates Helps Support Local Family in Mourning
David Lerner Associates recently presented a check to the family of late Nassau County Police Department Detective Michael Kearns, who passed away from Leukemia in mid-July.

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