Roth IRAs - Making A Good Thing Better
In 1997, Congress made a good thing better when it created a new type of retirement savings account, the Roth IRA. Named after Senator William Roth, who introduced the legislation that created them.

What Should You Do With Your Income Tax Refund?
Some people have big plans for their refund, whether it's spending it on a summer vacation, a new car or boat, or a a big-screen TV. To the degree that items like this are bought with a tax refund instead of on credit, they may be wise purchases.

What Should You Do With a Financial Windfall?
Individuals who (often unexpectedly) receive large sums of money all at once need to make some important decisions, sometimes very quickly. The tax implications of a windfall can be complicated, which may make receiving counsel from a tax professional crucial.

How Your Taxes Might Increase Next Year
Unless Congress takes further action before the end of this year many Americans will be facing a tax increase beginning in 2013. Some pundits have referred to this pending tax increase as "the 2013 fiscal cliff."

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