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martin walcoe

Retirement Planning Strategies For Your 60s
For many people, the 60s are the decade when they are nearing or ready to finally enter the retirement that they may have been planning for most of their lives.

How To Save for Retirement Regardless of Your Income
It is not uncommon for people to put off saving for retirement because they don't think they earn enough money to open a retirement savings account. This is especially true for young people for whom retirement may be at least three or four decades away.

How Do Changing Interest Rates Affect Retirement?
The ongoing low interest rate environment that the U,S, economy has experienced over the past few years has presented unique challenges for some retirees who are dependent on a stream of interest income from investments to meet their everyday living expenses.

Take Your Retirement for a Test Drive
Before buying a new car you probably take it out for a test drive to see how it feels and make sure that everything is working properly. Have you ever thought of taking a similar test drive when it comes to your retirement?

How Realistic Are Americans' Retirement Dreams?
Recent generations of Americans have grown up with a picture of retirement that's based on their parents and grandparents. How realistic is this idyllic scenario for baby boomers and members of Generation X and Y?

How to Get the Most Out of Your 401(k) Plan
If you are enrolled and actively participating in a 401(k) retirement plan at your place of employment, congratulations. This is one of the best things individuals can do to help prepare for a financially secure retirement.

Retirement Saving Strategies for Married Couples
If you're married and plan to stay that way for the long term, it's important that your retirement savings strategies reflect this. Retirement savings strategies for married couples may differ from strategies for single individuals.

What's Your Retirement Number?
There are many uncertainties when it comes to retirement planning. One of the biggest uncertainties is determining how much money you will need to meet your living expenses after you retire. In other words, what is your "retirement number?"

4 Important Retirement Decisions
Some people are extremely disciplined when it comes to saving diligently and investing wisely for retirement throughout their working lives. But the need for discipline and diligence doesn't stop when you actually reach retirement age and enter your golden years.

The Retirement Disconnect: Confidence Doesn't Mirror Practices
Despite increased confidence in their ability to retire Americans in general are no more likely to have saved any more money for retirement this year than they did last year.

In Your 50s: Making a Final Retirement Savings Push
As they have started to become more health conscious, eating better and exercising more, many 50-somethings are feeling a lot better than they thought they would at this age. This has prompted the mantra among many that "50 is the new 40."

Planning to Work During Retirement
As employees near retirement age, more and more plan to work at least some of the time during the course of their retirement years.

Saving for retirement: How late is too late?
Ideally you should begin saving for retirement in your 20s. The more time you have to save the better your chances of having the kind of retirement lifestyle you desire.

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