Retirement Planning Strategies For Your 60s
For many people, the 60s are the decade when they are nearing or ready to finally enter the retirement that they may have been planning for most of their lives.

Four Important Retirement Decisions
During the years leading up to and immediately following retirement, retirees and near-retirees have a number of important decisions to make.

Why Retirement Planning Should be Your Financial Priority
How soon should one start planning for retirement? The answer is now. It isn't a matter of fatalism or "accepting of the inevitable" -- it is a question of actually having a comfortable and secure retirement in place by the time you arrive there.

Retirement Planning Basics - It's Up to You
Perhaps nothing epitomizes a national shift toward personal financial responsibility more than the changes that have occurred in the realm of retirement planning

Can You Live Off Interest During Retirement?
When it comes to retirement planning, the goal of some people is to build up a large enough nest egg so that they can live off of the interest earned by their investments and not have to withdraw their principal during retirement.

Retirement Planning Strategies For Each Stage of Your Life
Retirement planning is not an isolated, one-time event - something that you do once in your life and then just put on cruise control. It should be an ongoing process that changes and evolves as you move through the various stages of your life.

Retirement Planning Strategies For Your 70s
By their late 60s and 70s, most Americans have either left the workforce altogether or scaled back to part-time work. But this doesn't mean that retirement planning ceases to be important in your 70s.

Retirement Planning for your 50s
Individuals in their 50s are starting to get closer to the day when they hope to enjoy the retirement they’ve been planning for so long.

How Stay-at-home Moms Can Prepare for Retirement
It is just as important for stay-at-home moms to plan for their retirement as it is for working moms.

Retirement Planning Strategies For Your 40s
This is the fourth in a series of articles detailing retirement planning strategies for individuals at each stage of their life.

Are We Facing a Retirement Crisis?
Is America facing a "looming catastrophe" when it comes to retirement?

How Much Will Healthcare Cost in Retirement?
Fewer employers today are offering retiree health benefits and that this number is expected to continue to decline in the future.

Americans Retirement Confidence at Record Low
According to a report recently released by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) the confidence level of Americans in their ability to save enough money to retire comfortably is essentially unchanged from two years ago -- when it was at a record low level.

How to Save for Retirement as a Self-employed Individual
When it comes to saving for retirement, self-employed individuals sometimes face unique challenges compared to employees who work for a company that offers an employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Women and Retirement - The Gender Gap
In a recent national survey designed to gauge the financial literacy of U.S. consumers about one-third of Americans said they are worried that they won't be able to save enough money to retire comfortably.

How To Save for Retirement Regardless of Your Income
It is not uncommon for people to put off saving for retirement because they don't think they earn enough money to open a retirement savings account. This is especially true for young people for whom retirement may be at least three or four decades away.

5 Baby Boomer Financial Behaviors and Attitudes to Watch
The financial behavior and attitudes of the baby boom generation is going to have a significant impact on the nation's financial picture in the coming years.

How Do Changing Interest Rates Affect Retirement?
The ongoing low interest rate environment that the U,S, economy has experienced over the past few years has presented unique challenges for some retirees who are dependent on a stream of interest income from investments to meet their everyday living expenses.

Take Your Retirement for a Test Drive
Before buying a new car you probably take it out for a test drive to see how it feels and make sure that everything is working properly. Have you ever thought of taking a similar test drive when it comes to your retirement?

How Realistic Are Americans' Retirement Dreams?
Recent generations of Americans have grown up with a picture of retirement that's based on their parents and grandparents. How realistic is this idyllic scenario for baby boomers and members of Generation X and Y?

How to Get the Most Out of Your 401(k) Plan
If you are enrolled and actively participating in a 401(k) retirement plan at your place of employment, congratulations. This is one of the best things individuals can do to help prepare for a financially secure retirement.

Understanding the In's and Out's of Roth IRAs
Since they were created by Congress in 1997, Roth IRAs have become one of the most popular retirement savings vehicles in America. Their popularity primarily stems from the fact that Roth IRA earnings can be withdrawn tax free in retirement.

Take Our Olympic Retirement Saving Quiz
Elite athletes train for most of their lives to compete in the Olympics and similarly, it takes many years of planning, dedication and discipline in order to help ensure a financially secure retirement.

Retirement Saving Strategies for Married Couples
If you're married and plan to stay that way for the long term, it's important that your retirement savings strategies reflect this. Retirement savings strategies for married couples may differ from strategies for single individuals.

What You Should Know About the New myRA Retirement Accounts
In the 2014 State of the Union address President Obama announced that a new type of retirement account would soon be made available to U.S. workers - myRA.

Attention Retirees: 5 Tax Planning Strategies for 2014
If you have recently finished filing your 2013 tax return the last thing you probably want to think about is your 2014 return. But many experts say that now is actually a good time for retirees to get a jump start on their 2014 taxes.

What's Your Retirement Number?
There are many uncertainties when it comes to retirement planning. One of the biggest uncertainties is determining how much money you will need to meet your living expenses after you retire. In other words, what is your "retirement number?"

4 Important Retirement Decisions
Some people are extremely disciplined when it comes to saving diligently and investing wisely for retirement throughout their working lives. But the need for discipline and diligence doesn't stop when you actually reach retirement age and enter your golden years.

The Retirement Disconnect: Confidence Doesn't Mirror Practices
Despite increased confidence in their ability to retire Americans in general are no more likely to have saved any more money for retirement this year than they did last year.

Retirement Choices - It's Up to You
Recent generations of Americans have been raised to believe that retirement is the ideal end-game for their life. You'll work hard for 40 years or so and when you reach that magical age of 65, you'll enter your "golden years".

In Your 50s: Making a Final Retirement Savings Push
As they have started to become more health conscious, eating better and exercising more, many 50-somethings are feeling a lot better than they thought they would at this age. This has prompted the mantra among many that "50 is the new 40."

Should You Save For Retirement or Your Kids' College Education?
If faced with the choice of saving for retirement or saving for your kids' college, which should you choose? While both are noble goals and usually smart financial moves, many experts say that most people should focus on saving for retirement instead of college, if they can't do both.

How to Meet Your Retirement Healthcare Expenses
There are lots of unknowns that have to be accounted for when it comes to planning for retirement, but perhaps the biggest are your healthcare expenses.

Four Retirement Planning Tips for Millennials
David Lerner News: Many Millennials are graduating college with crushing student loan debt and poor prospects for finding a well-paying job. The picture is even worse when it comes to some Millennials' future retirement prospects

Planning to Work During Retirement
As employees near retirement age, more and more plan to work at least some of the time during the course of their retirement years.

Saving for retirement: How late is too late?
Ideally you should begin saving for retirement in your 20s. The more time you have to save the better your chances of having the kind of retirement lifestyle you desire.

Small Business Week: Retirement Plans
If you own a small company and you haven't established a retirement savings plan, Small Business Week is the perfect time to review the situation. A retirement plan can assist you and your employees save for the future.

Your Lifestyle After Retirement
Have you given any thought to how this lifestyle might change after retirement? It might be advisable to sit down with a professional financial planner who can guide you through your best options.

Are You Ready to Retire?
The question is actually more complicated than it first appears because it demands consideration on two levels - emotional and financial.

In Retirement Timing is Everything
When it comes to transitioning into retirement timing really is everything The age at which you retire can have an enormous impact on your overall retirement income situation so you''l want to make sure you've considered your decision from every angle

Older Americans Month: Retirement Basics
It's a well-known fact that the majority of Americans have not planned for their retirement. Research from the Insured Retirement Institute shows that only a third of Baby Boomers are confident their savings will last throughout all their retirement years

Savings Plan a Key Factor in Retirement Confidence
The 2015 annual Retirement Confidence Survey (RCS) found that confidence of American workers in their ability to retire comfortably continues to rebound from the record lows of the years 2009- 20013. The key factor in this increasing optimism is having a savings plan in place.

Working While in Retirement
An increasing number of employees nearing retirement plan to work for at least some period of time during their retirement years. The obvious advantage of working during retirement is that you'll be earning money and relying less on your retirement savings-

Retirement Income: The 3-Legged Stool
Retirement income has been described as a "three-legged stool" composed of Social Security, traditional employer pension income and individual savings and investments.

Retirement Plan Considerations at Different Stages of Life
Although it may not seem so at the start of your career retirement planning should always be a major part of your financial plan.

Moving from Work to Retirement
As you near retirement age there are a lot of decisions to be made. The most important one is whether you can afford to retire, and if so, at what age?

David Lerner Associates: Retirement Income Gender Gap
One of the most important factors is retirement planning is to figure out your retirement income needs. There are many reasons why women are more likely than men to face a retirement income shortfall.

David Lerner Associates: The American Retirement Crisis
The growth in the older age group has changed the face of the U.S.workforce. The share of workers age 55 and over hit 22 percent in July 2014. That's the highest since record-keeping began in 1948.

David Lerner Associates: 3 Retirement Saving Tips
Unfortunately, many Americans approaching retirement are not ready and may have to delay retirement, or work part-time, to meet their expenses.

David Lerner Associates: How to Retire a Millionaire
The goal of retiring as a millionaire might seem impossible, but with good planning and determination it can be achieved.

Millennials Face Tough Retirement Decisions
Many Millennials think retirement is so far in the future, it's not even on their list of issues to worry about. However, statistics show that for these young adults, retirement could be a huge problem unless they start to plan early.

Planning for a Balanced Retirement
Financial readiness is a vital part of retirement, but planning for a balanced lifestyle once you retire is just as important.

Keep Your Eyes on That Retirement Goal
Many Americans are not financially prepared for retirement, with almost a third of working adults without savings or a pension, according to a recent Federal Reserve study. To avoid having to drastically downsize and reduce your living standard once you reach retirement age, it's vital to set a goal and keep your eye on that prize.

Keep Your Eyes on That Retirement Goal
Many Americans are not financially prepared for retirement, with almost a third of working adults without savings or a pension, according to a recent Federal Reserve study. To avoid having to drastically downsize and reduce your living standard once you reach retirement age, it's vital to set a goal and keep your eye on that prize.

Social Security Retirement Benefit Basics
The first wave of Baby Boomers is already past retirement age, and they're enjoying the benefits of Social Security. For most Americans, Social Security is a major source of retirement income. Here are some basics you'll need to know.

Advanced Estate Planning Concepts for Women
On average, women live longer than men, so they will probably have a much longer retirement period that they will have to fund. It also means that if you're married, you'll likely inherit your spouse's estate and have the last word about the final disposition of all of the assets you've accumulated during your marriage.

Retirement Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs
It's never too late to start being retirement-savvy. And while the sometimes unpredictable nature of small business can make your monthly financial planning, well, unpredictable, here are some steps you can take to gain control of your retirement plan.

Rethink Your Retirement Strategies
One important area of your financial well-being you should be thinking about in January is retirement. The good news is that Americans saved more in 2015 - 5.1% up from 4.6% in 2013. The bad news is that less of this money went to retirement funds.

How to Fix Your Retirement Planning
Retirement planning can be an activity that if done right, could provide a much needed comfort zone post-employment. However, there are some pitfalls and definite ways to do it wrong. Here are some of the major errors that are made in the planning process, and how to correct them.

The Retirement Spending Smile
Most people assume that once you retire, your spending pattern will be the same year-to-year. Research has shown that this, in fact, is not the case. Two studies came to the same conclusion. We spend more at the beginning of retirement and again towards the end. The graph of a retiree's spending pattern looks like a big smile.

Retirement and Long Term Care
Nearly 70% of Americans 65 and older need long-term care at some point, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Retirement Costs and Savings for Boomers
Retirement should be time of relaxation and reflection, not panic. For many people, the realities of what it takes to retire have snuck up on them.

Tips to Retire Wealthy
A lot of us sit back and wish for the day that we can retire a millionaire and yet so few of us have a strategic plan to do so. In fact as many as half of all households with Americans 55 and older have no retirement savings at all.

Retirement for Couples
Couples usually approach their golden years as a team, but not always when it comes to planning. Only about one third of couples have even discussed their retirement plans.

Retirement Planning for Entrepreneurs
Most of the time entrepreneurs are caught up with the stresses and details of running a small business and sometimes don't have the time or resources to plan for their own financial future.

Financial Literacy for Retirement
Studies have found that Americans in their retirement years gradually lose the ability to manage their money. In other words, the ability to answer basic financial literacy questions wanes as age increases.

Long-Term Care and Retirement
Many Americans are under prepared for retirement. Nearly half of families have no retirement account savings at all. Have you considered what you would do if you were hit with an additional half million dollars in health care costs?

Is it Possible to Retire Wealthy?
The idea of retiring a wealthy person is certainly an attractive idea. But how realistic is it?

How Life Insurance Could Help Your Retirement
A successful retirement is all about making sure you have enough savings to pay your bills and still be able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. If structured the right way, a life insurance policy could be the perfect life preserver in retirement.

Rolling the Dice on Your Retirement
Gambling is a bad thing - unless done responsibly - as in done for entertainment purposes with money that you don't mind losing. There's no situation where a person would be ok with losing their retirement savings.

Retirement Smart Millennials
Saving early and often is the key to long-term financial security. And Millennials are set to have a huge population of millionaires.

Is Retirement Obsolete?
Times they are a-changing. Putting away money into a retirement annuity may not be enough anymore, and people are finding that they have to work longer than ever before.

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